About me

I have been web librarian at Lansing Community College (LCC) Library for over a decade. I coordinate the library website with a commitment to continuous improvement informed by usability testing, website usage data, and other forms of user research. I train librarians in writing for the web and set up a style guide and website content review process to keep content up to date, usable, and relevant.

I teach information literacy sessions and help students with research in person and via chat as part of the Research Help Now collaborative. I train librarians in chat best practices and also present about chat training at conferences. In addition to an M.S. in Library Science, I have an M.A. in Teaching ESL. I have taught English to immigrants and refugees in the U.S. and English to college students in Indonesia.

Appreciation of beauty and excellence is one of my defining values. I recognize when a job is done well and like to shine the light on others who have done good work. I am on the advisory committee for LCC’s student research fair, StarScapes. During the pandemic, I set up a StarScapes website to make it possible for students to share their work. I coordinate both the ACRL Community College section blog and newsletter to share stories and ideas from community college librarians across the U.S.

Love of learning is one of my core strengths. I served as a faculty fellow at LCC’s faculty development center where I co-facilitated a course about teaching, designed WordPress websites, helped faculty create websites, and worked with colleagues to plan faculty professional activity days. I frequently attend and give presentations at LCC’s faculty development center, as well as regional, state, and national conferences. I am committed to continuous learning and enjoy helping others develop their skills. 

Building connections through collaboration is one of my strengths. I value my co-workers and believe each person has something to teach me. I strive to connect people who could benefit from collaborating with each other. I have experience leading and contributing to teams at LCC Library, as well as collegewide groups such as the Faculty Senate, assessment, and accessibility committees.

I value social justice, as well as service to the profession and the community. I am committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and in my personal life. I have a global perspective acquired through attending schools in Indonesia, Australia, and Zimbabwe. I use my cross-cultural skills in my volunteer work in the Lansing community as a family mentor for refugees.