Creative Commons (CC) Certificate for Librarians

Spring of 2023, I completed the CC Certificate Course for Librarians. The assignments below for the course all have CC BY-SA 4.0 licenses.

Center for Teaching Excellence

I created these websites as a faculty fellow in LCC’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

StarScapes: Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase

Homepag of StarScapes: Student Innovation and Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College, website with posters shared by students
When our college’s student showcase moved online during the pandemic, I created this website. The site allows students from a variety of disciplines can share their work with the campus community. It was created with the SplotBox WordPress theme which allows students to add presentations to the website without mediation.


The 400 Most Powerful Words in Teaching

Homepage of the Most Powerful 400 Words in Teaching with links to Read Essays and Add Your Essay and a photo of a highway with leaves turning colors on the side of the road
This website is for sharing short essays written by community college faculty about why community colleges exist. Participants in the Center for Teaching Excellence course, Transforming Learning through Teaching, add essays to the site every semester. I redesigned this website and moved the essays into a site built with the TRU Writer theme which allows faculty to add content without mediation.


Open Learning Lab Website Showcase

Homepage of Open Learning Lab Showcase Website with a box about each website
I created this website to showcase WordPress websites created by the Lansing Community College Community members as part of the Open Learning Lab. It was built with the TruCollector WordPress theme which allows community members to add examples to the website without mediation.

Live Together, Learn Together: Stories from the LCC Community in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Homepage of Live Together, Learning Together, Stories from the LCC Community in the COVID-19 Pandemic, image of feet on a carpet with small flowers around them
I worked with a group of LCC faculty and staff came together to create this website for the Lansing Community College community to document our experiences, thoughts and emotions during the pandemic, for ourselves and for our future friends.


Lansing Community College Library

Lansing Community College Library Website

Homepage of the Lansing Community College Library website with a Library OneSearch box, Library hours and access to Databases, Research Guides, and Catalog
As web librarian, I lead our library’s web improvement team in the continuous improvement of the LCC Library website informed by usability testing, website usage data, and other forms of user research. We use SiteImprove to manage and maintain the website content.


Meet the LCC Library Website

Meet the LCC Library Website Poster.
Poster created for LCC Library staff poster presentations to introduce new staff to the Library website. View poster content at https://suzannebernsten.com/meet-the-lcc-library-website/