Meet the LCC Library Website

Meet the LCC Library Website Poster
Poster created for LCC Library staff poster presentations introducing staff to the Library website.

Below is an accessible version of the poster with texts, links, and images.

Goal of the Library Website

Students, faculty, and staff can find what they need using the library website without needing to ask for help. But if they need help, it should be easy to find.

Help Improve the Website

Please contact me anytime you have questions or suggestions about the website:

Suzanne Bernsten


User Research

We keep the website usable and relevant for students and employees through user research methods including:

  • Usability Testing
  • Website Statistics
  • Chat Transcripts

LCC students get research help from librarians around the world. Chats between librarians and students help show missing or hard to find information on the website.

Library Website Over Time

Every few years there are major website redesigns, but most of the website changes we make are small and incremental. Below are screenshots of the Library homepage from 2000, 2005, and 2013, courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine at

1st LCC Library homepage

Library website homepage in 2005

Library website homepage in 2013

A Recent Small Change

I noticed students were using the chat to ask how to make an appointment with a librarian. The link to make an appointment was directly below the chat box.

Ask a Librarian box on website with links to different types of assistance

I moved the link above the box and since then, nobody has asked that question on chat.

Revised Ask a Librarian box on website using icons and putting all research help options about the chat box.

Learn More

Learn about usability testing, writing for the web, and website design.

Usability Testing

Website users complete tasks using the website and we observe them. Then we make website changes based on what we learn.

Sample Testing Scenario

You have 6 people meeting in the Library on Sunday. Book a room that meets your needs.

Website Statistics

We review website statistics to focus on improving the most used webpages and deleting pages that are rarely used. Also, reviewing what people search for on the website can lead to improvements.

Join the Web Team

The Web Improvement Team (WIT) works to continually improve the website by providing a forum for its design, development, maintenance, and quality control. We meet once a month on Wednesdays from 10-11am. Let me know if you’d like to join.