Gamestorming Virtual Reference

Michigan Virtual Reference Conference, Eastern Michigan University, April 2014

Presentation and Handout

How do you build rapport with students in a chat session? How do you get the word out about virtual reference to students you may never see in the Library? Try the gamestorming method “Challenge Cards” to get ideas for improving virtual reference services at your institution, as well as your virtual reference skills. With this method, you will divide up into two teams. One team will brainstorm problems or challenges with virtual reference. Independently, the other team will brainstorm features and strengths of virtual reference. Then play begins. The challenge team picks a card and puts it on the table. If the solutions team has a card to address the challenge, they get a point, if they don’t, the challenge team gets a point and teams work together to design cards to address the challenge. Play continues until all challenges have been addressed. Have fun and learn from librarians at other institutions about how to meet challenges involved in providing virtual reference.