Portfolio Archive

Suzanne Bernsten, Web Services Librarian
Lansing Community College Library
Spring 2015

This portfolio documents my professional development and achievements over the past four years at Lansing Community College.  Putting the portfolio together has allowed me to reflect on what I have learned in my role as web services librarian and given me the opportunity to create goals for future learning.

8 thoughts on “Portfolio Archive

  1. SB,
    Excellently presented… and I enjoyed the “forced participation.” Really! Best was that you focused; I appreciated that you highlighted what you consider to be the most important parts of your career to date.

    Well done!


  2. Thanks Suzanne! I am consistently amazed by your dedication, you’re achievements, your overall willingness to listen, to solicit feedback. I’m impressed with your presentation skills and appreciate it any time a presenter attempts to have their audience interact. You gave us several opportunities to do so and you successfully used your blog to synthesis those comments. Great job. I know that you will have continued success and see many more projects come to fruition.

  3. this is really great work suzanne. i was thoroughly impressed and inspired to do one for myself. i totally agree with you that we should carve out a time in our busy work schedule to just think. i didn’t have the luxury of doing that because of so many things i have to do but i vow to do that now that i saw your portfolio. i’m really inspired so thank you for showing us this work you’ve done.

    you are such a talented and committed librarian and i’m proud to be working with you as my colleague and friend.

  4. This was an excellent presentation. It was great to reflect and think more deeply about our day-to-day activities, especially our teaching. Not only did it allow me to re-connect with the big ideas behind what we do; it provided some concrete practical ways to make those ideas happen. I also appreciated the chance to participate actively.

  5. Wow! I am most impressed by the depth of information on your site. You’ve really gone above and beyond simply listing your experience, resume, etc. What a great way to get students to comment and participate as well! I hadn’t thought of asking for feedback in this format before. Great job!

  6. The part of your presentation about the level of input of information the students can comprehend determines how much they learn. Although, it seems like basic, the teacher needs to find a common ground where lower level functioning students can learn at the same time as higher functioning student learners.

    The part about the website and more expert readers tend to scan the page, and lower readers tend to read everything was interesting and provokes alot of thought about the content in different websites.

  7. You’ve done an outstanding job in your portfolio presentation. You have blended your Teaching and Service ideology very well. To me that task seemed unwieldy. I’ve only been working on the “service” aspect of my faculty position. You’ve shown me it is doable. I will need to go back on reflect on how to do this type of blending.
    Your sharing of how to put this together in WordPress is appreciated. Thanks.

  8. I’m inspired! Presented in an appealing and engaging way that draws the reader in to view more (maybe it’s the flowers).

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